Welcome to Recurval

RECURVAL, S.L. was born as company in 1.995, as a result of a project whiche target was covering the furniture industry´s necessities pf an auxiliary industry.

We are a company ready to assume a new model of relationship between supplier and client. Such a project was based in a 30 years experience in the production of boards (standard, special measure and curved), with a proved liability and profesionality in the accomplishment of commitments and the work of our working team.
For all of this RECURVAL tries not only to put its strength in improving our products but also our processes and teams in order to get a global quality as company.

Products and Moulds…

Curved Pieces

Board curving with different materials (natural veneers, synthetic veneers or melamine, refilling of fibreboard, beechwood, calabo, etc.) By high frequency system that guarantees the suitable humidity degree and stability of the pieces. We have available a wide range of moulds.

Planes Pieces

Reveering of boards (special and standard measures) in agglomerated and fibre.
Solid rendering of edges in enery kind of wood. Preparation of thin veneers, banded and marquetry inlays in wood or synthetic materials.

Mechanized Pieces

Treatment of flat and curved pieces using top Computer Numeric Control Technology. The finishing auxiliay section finishes and every kind of pieces, makes the veneering of the edges, the dandpapering, etc.

Contact with us…

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